The Israel Center for Educational Innovation (ICEI) is the leader in turning around underperforming elementary schools serving low income communities in Israel. Founded in 2009, our programs now operate in 27 schools in 14 municipalities, serving more than 7,500 students.
ICEI partners with Israel's Ministry of Education and with participating municipalities. ICEI succeeds in reversing the pattern of low academic achievements prevalent in participating schools and delivering outstanding outcomes.
ICEI's initiatives are anchored in a proven and innovative literacy program and an extensive outreach effort to Ethiopian parents.

ICEI's unique professional support and guidance for teachers and principals upgrade teaching and strengthen school management. 
The results are consistent improvement in student achievement levels, for Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian students alike.

ICEI also empowers Ethiopian-Israeli parents to become full partners in their children's education and infuses participating schools with respect for Ethiopian-Jewish culture.