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ICEI programs deploy full-time Literacy Coaches in each school to support improved classroom instruction; provide mentoring to principals; introduce a comprehensive and user-friendly data-tracking system to promote data-driven instruction and to enable teachers to differentiate, or individualize, their teaching; and outfit all classrooms with in-class libraries of 500-1000 books leveled by difficulty. Through ICEI’s MEDIDA (Measurement is Knowledge) platform, the first user-friendly, interactive data collection and processing website for elementary schools in Israel, ICEI collects more student achievement data in elementary schools than any other program in Israel. This includes all existing assessment tools developed by the Ministry of Education for 1st-6th grade literacy instruction plus additional assessment tools for math instruction. This data is shared with principals and teachers to help them assess their students’ strengths and challenges, and to design instruction to meet their students’ needs.

It’s Elementary! ICEI’s flagship program is the most comprehensive and ambitious Whole School Turnaround Program for grades 1-6 in Israel. ICEI’s innovative pedagogy strengthens literacy fundamentals and basic learning skills, the cornerstones of elementary education, and focuses on school leadership, classroom management and planning, and constant evaluation and retooling of methodologies.
ICEI’s Springboard to Success program for first and second graders builds on ICEI’s unprecedented success pioneering the rapid acquisition of basic reading, writing, speaking and listening skills and overcoming deficiencies and gaps in children’s learning abilities when they enter first grade.
ICEI’s Atzmaut Plus program, operated in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest New Jersey and the Municipality of Rishon LeZion, supports the empowerment of more than 200 Ethiopian-Israeli families whose children study in ICEI participating schools. Atzmaut Plus helps parents improve their employment situation and their intra-familial relations, leveraging this progress to boost the academic outcomes of their children.
Tamkin (Arabic for “Building Foundations”), ICEI’s Arab Schools Initiative, is a culturally and linguistically adapted model based on ICEI’s It’s Elementary! 5-7-year comprehensive school turnaround program.  Tamkin involves on-site retraining of the school principal and faculty, upgrading of the classroom learning environment, introduction of a user-friendly on-line data tracking system to promote individualized and data-driven instruction, and a variety of motivational incentives.

Meisharim Turnaround Initiative is the flagship program of the Department of Elementary Education of the Ministry of Education, in partnership with Yad Hanadiv (Rothschild Foundation), targeting underperforming elementary schools in Israel's geographic periphery.  Meisharim is investing unprecedented fiscal, assessment and research resources to learn how best to transform failing schools. ICEI currently operates its program in six schools. ICEI’s participation in Meisharim has significantly enhanced ICEI’s reputation and the appreciation among the national leadership of Israel’s educational system of such ICEI innovations as the Literacy Coach, our literacy instruction methodologies, and our MEDIDA Data Portal promoting data-supported instruction.