Training and mentoring

Teacher Training
ICEI’s program seeks to transform schools into agents of educational advancement. Training teachers to work with our instructional model not only leads to better student outcomes, but improves the teachers’ general teaching skills. They learn how to be focused and to plan more precisely and effectively, understand data and track and document student progress, and to differentiate or individualize instruction according to each child’s needs.
ICEI is the only program in Israel that brings teacher training into the classroom in real time. A dedicated school-based Literacy Coach, a position introduced by ICEI into Israeli schools, works full-time at each school. Literacy Coaches work with teachers to help them master implementation of the model and to improve their overall teaching skills. In addition to modeling, co-teaching and coaching during in-class instruction, the Literacy Coaches work with teachers in lesson planning, assessing and tracking their students’ progress. 

Training teachers in real time, and mentoring principals through the transformation process are essential to the success of the ICEI model. 
Principal mentoring
ICEI seeks to transform the culture of participating schools into one of high achievements and high expectations for students, teachers and parents alike, with a passion for learning and a love of reading and writing. In order to bring about lasting change, principals need to take ownership and to lead the process. Often principals need assistance in accomplishing such a major transformation.
Mentoring for principals is provided by ICEI’s team of outstanding retired principals who also serves as regional cluster directors Mentors renew the principals’ focus on improved teaching, providing them with direct support to rally support among faculty members as well as the tools needed to drive the change process. Mentors help principals become the instructional leaders of their school and support them in transforming their school’s educational culture and outcomes.