The Ethiopian-Israeli community is one of Israel’s most disadvantaged communities. 65% of Ethiopian-Israeli children live in poverty and disturbingly high percentages of students from the Ethiopian immigrant community lag far behind their peers in educational achievement. Without access to educational advancement, these children will have little chance of breaking out of the cycle of poverty.
The Israel Center for Educational Innovation (ICEI) is dedicated to providing a better future for Ethiopian-Israeli children. By transforming their schools and turning around their achievement levels, ICEI gives these students a strong foundation for future educational advancement.
By transforming schools and raising achievement levels, ICEI gives Ethiopian-Israeli children a strong foundation for educational advancement.
Our mission is three-fold:
  • To raise the academic achievement levels of Ethiopian-Israeli children and their peers.
  • To transform schools into agents of educational advancement for Ethiopian-Israeli students and their peers by improving the skills of teachers and principals and creating a culture of success and high expectations.
  • To empower Ethiopian-Israeli parents to become full partners in their children’s learning.
Towards the Future…
Israel’s educational system is not sufficiently preparing students – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds – to compete in the global economy. Low-income Israeli children are disproportionately underachieving in Israeli schools. In the future, ICEI hopes to partner with the Ministry of Education to expand our successful program to turn around additional underachieving schools. The potential for ICEI’s future growth is enormous.