The Israel Center for Educational Innovation (ICEI) is Israel’s leader in improving elementary school instruction and leadership and in transforming underperforming elementary schools serving low-income communities in Israel. ICEI has had great success in reversing the pattern of low achievements prevalent among Ethiopian-Israeli elementary school students - the lowest performing sub-group among Jewish students in Israel. ICEI has expanded to include Arab schools and serve a diverse range of low-income communities.
 ICEI programs have operated in over 320 classrooms, in over 30 schools, across over 20 municipalities, serving more than 10,000 students. ICEI partners with participating municipalities and the Ministry of Education. ICEI's programs enjoy the largest per-school investment by the Ministry in any elementary school program in the country. ICEI has pioneered in Israel the position of the Literacy Coach, stressing pedagogy and literacy skills instruction as the core mission of elementary school.