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The Israel Center for Educational Innovation (ICEI) is the leader in turning around underperforming elementary schools serving low-income communities in Israel. Our mission is to ensure that all children in Israel's periphery can access the quality education they deserve. We partner with the Ministry of Education and local authorities in long-term interventions that transform Jewish and Arab elementary schools. With a focus on on-site professional retraining and data-driven teaching methods, ICEI strengthens school leadership and enhances the instruction of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Our comprehensive programs equalize access to quality education, bridge academic achievement gaps, and pave the way for greater social mobility within Israeli society.

Since 2009, ICEI has helped more than 28,000 children in 29 communities in Israel's periphery access the quality education they deserve.

Today, ICEI is the leader in turning around struggling elementary schools, consistently delivering outstanding improvements in literacy and learning skills in grades 1-6. We currently operate programs in more than 30 schools, reaching over 11,000 students. In 2023-24, we will be operating in more than 40 schools nationwide, almost half of them in Arab communities.