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What’s New at ICEI

ICEI Second Grader Rachel Andelao Wins First Place in Story Writing Competition

Rachel Andelao, a second-grade student at the Dizengoff School in Tel Aviv, won first place for the Tel Aviv region, in the “March of Books” story writing competition, sponsored annually by the Israel Ministry of Education.
Rachel, whose school joined the ICEI program last year, won the competition for her story “Aunt Agrawerk’s Basement,” in the category of stories inspired by books for first and second graders.
The competition calls for original stories based on an idea from a book read during the school year. Rachel wrote a fictional story based on a true event, using the skills she learned to write a narrative in the ICEI reading and writing program. She based her story on “Grandpa’s Third Drawer,” a book about a child learning about his family’s experience during the Holocaust. Rachel’s story tells how a young girl finds out about her family’s suffering during their aliyah from Ethiopia to Israel, and about the friend her aunt lost during the trek through the Sudan. 
The award ceremony for the “March of Books” competition was held at Bar Ilan University in June, 2012.