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What’s New at ICEI

ICEI's Fourth Annual Young Writers' Competition Awards Ceremony was the culmination of the ICEI network-wide competition for third to sixth graders, intended to promote the love of writing and showcase the talent of ours students. This we received a record 1,089 entries. Approximately 350 ICEI student finalists from all over the country came to the Duhl Center in Tel Aviv for the finale.

Photos: Ilan Spira
Hadera's Yavne Elementary School – Receiving ICEI Prize for Excellence. 

"How Good it Is to Write a Story"
Each student received an ICEI Young Writers' Competition t-shirt

We want children to know that authors are real people, so we also grant an annual Lifetime Achievement Award for Hebrew Children's Literature. This year it went to Smadar Shir, the poet and author of hundreds of books, including some of Israel's most popular series for elementary school readers
There has been a media buzz about the  competition. Channel 2 (Israel's most watched television network) featured a 13 minute interview with Fifth Grade prize winner, Selamnesh Mulu, together with Smadar Shir.

Selamnesh Mulu and Smadar Shir on Channel Two's "Hot Morning" Show, March 5, 2017