ICEI was recently featured on Israeli television in a documentary about Israeli education, hosted by a popular pair of Israeli investigative reporters, a bright spot on the Israeli educational scene. ICEI’s program was presented to highlight the kind of transformation that can be achieved in Israeli schools with a relatively modest investment. The interviewers were surprised when the children said that they loved to read, and that they read during their free time at home. More than half of the children said they wanted to be writers when they grow up.
ICEI's program has been used to show how to achieve a transformation in Israeli schools with a relatively modest investment.
ICEI students are not the only ones thrilled with the program. In addition to the improvements in literacy achievements, teachers report marked improvement in classroom behavior. They point to a much more efficient use of class time, more timely and useful information about students’ progress and needs and report decreased faculty frustration and burnout. Moreover, they report that the culture of the entire school – even those classes not participating in the program – encourages a true love of reading and writing.