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I continue to be in awe of programs you and ICEI staff have created.  That the programs are succeeding and getting better each year is a testament to the talent and hard work of all of you who have believed in these children and, importantly, your constant efforts to make improvements.
Mary Ann Stein, The Moriah Fund
"ICEI is helping to transform educational outcomes for Ethiopian children in Israel's school system. Their programmes are evidence based and rigorous and Pears Foundation is proud to be a longstanding partner." 

The Pears Foundation, United Kingdom 

"ICEI has consistently turned around underachieving schools across Israel. ICEI's intensive literacy instruction combined with their extraordinary level of professional support for teachers and principals and their extensive outreach to Ethiopian parents has proved to be an extremely potent and effective combination."

Brenda Zlatin, Program Officer, The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation 
"In the years I have worked with ICEI I have witnessed its tremendous impact on the schools in its network in terms of leadership, professionalism and connections with the students' parents. Students improve academically and become independent readers who love reading books. Parents become much more involved in their children's studies and full partners in their success. I highly recommend this program."

Zcharya Nagar, Senior Supervisor, Ministry of Education 
"We saw happy, motivated children, whose conversational skills were marked by mutual respect and the ability to listen, and students who were capable of eloquently articulating principles and strategies. Additional class-visits strengthened our perception and understanding that we were witnessing a systemic change. We could see that the agenda and vision are an educational reality."

Ayala Shilon, Director, the Municipal Educational Support Center, Petach Tikvah 
"For me, the ICEI model was the realization of a dream. The effect of the ICEI model on our school has been much more than simply to close educational gaps. It has created an educational environment of respect and growth, shared responsibility, inventive thinking and a love of learning.

Ms. Haviva Lahav, Principal, Netzach Yisrael School, Petach Tikva