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"ICEI and the Moriah Fund are helping to transform educational outcomes for Ethiopian children in Israel's school system. Their programmes are evidence based and rigorous and Pears Foundation is proud to be a longstanding partner." 

Charles Keidan, Director, The Pears Foundation, United Kingdom 

"ICEI uses models that we know from our experience in supporting public education in the United States. They have consistently turned around underachieving schools across Israel, and have succeeded in raising achievements with elementary school students from the Ethiopian immigrant community, a group much of the Israeli educational system had given up on. ICEI's intensive literacy instruction combined with their extraordinary level of professional support for teachers and principals and their extensive outreach to Ethiopian parents has proved to be an extremely potent and effective combination."

Ms. Brenda Zlatin, Program Officer, The Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation 
"In the six years I have worked with ICEI I have witnessed its tremendous impact on the schools in terms of leadership, professionalism and connections with the students' parents. Through its elite staff members, ICEI succeeds in turning around underachieving schools and nurturing a culture of academic success and improvement. Teachers who participate in the program begin to believe in every child's ability to succeed, through the advanced pedagogical tools they receive from ICEI professional staff.  I have personally seen hundreds of students improve academically and become independent readers who love reading books, even in their spare time. Parents become much more involved in their children's studies and full partners in their success. I highly recommend this program."

Zcharya Nagar, Senior Supervisor, Ministry of Education 
"We saw happy, motivated children, whose conversational skills were marked by mutual respect and the ability to listen, and students who were capable of eloquently articulating principles and strategies. Additional class-visits strengthened our perception and understanding that we were witnessing a systemic change. We could see that the agenda and vision are an educational reality."

Ms. Ayala Shilon, Director, the Municipal Educational Support Center, Petach Tikvah 

Mandel Report
In a recent report by the Mandel Educational Leadership Institute commissioned by Israel's Ministry of Education on The Integration of Ethiopian Students in the Educational System (Dec. 2013), the ICEI program was featured prominently as a model of successful school intervention. The study called upon the Ministry to replicate ICEI's core components in all future efforts to promote literacy in schools with concentrations of Ethiopian students.

"Of the hundreds of lessons that I have observed in recent years, this was one of the best."

Dr. Koby Gutterman, Researcher and Educator, Head of the Center for the Development and Training of School Principals, Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology & the Arts, Israel

"For me, the ICEI model was the realization of a dream. The effect of the ICEI model on our school has been much more than simply to close educational gaps. It has created an educational environment of respect and growth, shared responsibility, inventive thinking and a love of learning. The idea is to create learning conditions that leave no child behind, confused and frustrated. The children also write all the time, and often write about themselves and what happens at home. This creates a very special bond with their teachers."

Ms. Haviva Lahav, Principal, Netzach Yisrael School, Petach Tikva

"Our teachers were not willing to miss even one hour of the literacy coach's sessions. We saw a large improvement in the quality of teaching, the implementation of content according to specific goals, frequent exposure to rich and diverse vocabulary, along with systematic guidance and follow-up with students. The work with ICEI's literacy coach enabled teachers to noticeably improve their teaching as they routinely received professional analysis and evaluation of their performance in the classroom. I have had the opportunity to be guided by a veteran principal that has helped me to fully instill the values of the model in our school."

Ms. Hagit Gile'am, Principal, Bar Ilan School, Kfar Yona

"I have been the principal in this school for three years, since the ICEI model was introduced. I've seen how the model has encouraged a love of books amongst the students, and how the model has taught the children to become independent learners. Because of the model, the teachers plan the entire week in advance, deciding which students they will work with on an individual basis and what issues they will be addressing in their private conferences. My first grade teachers, who have experience from before the model was used here, all say that the children now learn to read more quickly, and that there are almost no children who don't learn to read by the end of first grade."

Ms. Anat Berkowitz, Principal, Saadia Gaon School, Or Yehuda